PSHS-EVC conducts Miting de Avance, SAGE 2021 commences

Johanna Lindsey Macababbad ||

In front of their cameras, wearing crisp, cream or white blouses with the embroidered emblem of the Philippine Science High School System (PSHSS) sewn atop of their hearts, six students of PSHS-Eastern Visayas Campus (PSHS-EVC) introduced themselves to the rest of the student body as candidates for the Student Alliance (SA).

To give the student  body insight on the candidates’ messages and different platforms, the PSHS-EVC held the Student Alliance General Elections (SAGE) 2021 Miting de Avance through the PSHS-EVC Commission on Elections (COMELEC) official Facebook page, yesterday, September 16.

Attorney Jose Manuel “Chel” Diokno, human rights lawyer & advocate, opened the program by stressing that even at a young age, people should learn to find their voice, and find ways to get involved in concerns that matter.

“Let’s always stick to the issues and really debate about what we are concerned with rather than personalities,” Atty. Diokno added.

 Composed of six Grade 12 students, namely: Nicole Anne Erroba for President, Jean Lourd Misa, for Vice-President, Nyphlainne Leigh Capungcol for Secretary, Shelby Antonette Lim for Treasurer, Bryan Justine De La Cruz for Auditor, and Mervic Salipuran, for Public Information Officer (PIO, Dis is Student Centered Operatives (D.I.S.C.O) Party was the sole party to partake in this year’s Student Alliance General Elections. 

During the introduction of candidates, the Party gave anecdotal speeches of their leadership experience throughout their years in PSHS-EVC, in which they also introduced and detailed platforms that focused mainly on information dissemination.

“We can only do so much, but we will do what we can,” the party expressed as they concluded their messages.


Ranya Ecaldre, News Section Editor of The Science Net, official English school publication of PSHS-EVC and Jan Kaye Apa, Editor-in-chief of An Pukot, the official Filipino school publication, questioned the candidates during the Debate segment, for the purpose of providing the student body clarification and additional information regarding their platforms.

Dela Cruz, D.I.S.C.O Party’s candidate for Auditor, responded to a question regarding the distinguishing features of their platform called “Enhanced Transparency”, stating that unlike previous councils, they will inform the student body on the activities that were not approved of by the school administration.

Hindi naman nasa amin ang kapangyarihan mag-approve, nasa amin naman ang kapangyarihan na malaman ninyo ang mga nangyayari kasi hindi lang ‘to school naming, school din ninyo ‘to ([Once elected] It’s not in our power to approve, but it is in our power that [students] are informed of what’s happening because this is not only our school, but also yours),” Misa stated.

Town hall

Students were encouraged to send in their questions for the candidates for the chance to be featured in the Town Hall segment last September 13.

“We know each other’s capabilities, we know each other’s limits so I think that will play a big part on how we will work with each other, how we will present the projects, how we will execute them and offer them to the student body,” Erroba said in response to a question on what sets their party apart from previous parties that have won.

The event concluded with Erroba’s speech, in which she expressed appreciation to the COMELEC for being able to organize the event, as well as reminding the students to vote wisely.

As Diokno stated, the students should keep in mind four things when choosing a leader: track record, dignity, love of country, and their platforms. 

The voting for this year’s SA is open from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM of September 17, 2021. 

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