Quiet, Please! The New Librarian is Here

Julianna Nebrija ||

As the pandemic progresses, there’s still no sight of students on school grounds. Classrooms lay barren and canteens lack the buzz of people stopping by to grab a bite. Despite all of this, a certain facility still aims to provide— even from miles away.

In early 2021, a job opportunity arose within the quiet walls of PSHS-EVC. It was for the school’s library— a secondary librarian to assist the current one. 

As an institution built on the principles of conducting proper research and other related matters, the PSHS-EVC  library is a spot frequented by every Pisay student, from freshman to seniors. Although it has been well over a year since face-to-face classes have been implemented, the PSHS-EVC library is still very much up and running to cater to every student’s literary needs.

Ann Sellah S. Ornopia (23) currently resides in Tacloban City with her spouse and their 2-year-old daughter. She studied Bachelor of Library and Information Science for four years at the Leyte Normal University, graduating last 2018. In that same year, she passed the Librarian’s Licensure Exam, achieving her treasured dream of becoming a licensed librarian.

When she heard that the school was offering a slot for a new librarian, Ann quickly snatched the opportunity, gave it a shot, and hoped for the best. Before applying, she already had three years of experience as a school librarian from working at Cambridge Center for International Studies— something she hoped would help her gain her footing quickly should she be able to work in Pisay. Finally, after three months of waiting, she received the winning ticket— a confirmation email of her employment. With that, her Pisay journey had begun.

“As a librarian, I am always emphasizing the importance of building up [my relationship] with students,” Ann stated. She assured students that she would always be available to aid them, whether it be for their academic and research needs or for other matters the library can address. Because of how the current remote learning setup limits her ability to connect with the students, she sincerely hopes that the pandemic ends soon so that the library can be filled with the whispers of students learning.

As of late, she and Ms. Cagara, the school’s other resident librarian, are working in tandem to find ways to provide effective online library services for students to use. They spent the last few months improving their document delivery service, as well as planning several library activities that could engage students’ minds. Ann further expressed that she was thrilled with all the work they were doing and that she would be looking forward to conversing and interacting with the students when the school year starts.

She finished recounting her story with, “Basically, I love my job and to be of help whenever the need arises.” 

Throughout the interview, Ms. Ornopia has done nothing but show how passionate she is with her occupation and how eager she is to help the students of Pisay EVC. With someone as zealous as her joining the school’s faculty and the library, it is safe to say that we, along with our books, will be in good hands.

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