PSHS-EVC Minecraft “Build-A-Lab” Challenge comes to a close

by: Gabriel Vinci Tamayo || Photo credit: Student Aliance PSHS-EVC

The PSHS-EVC Minecraft “Build A Lab” Challenge, organized by the PSHS-EVC Chemistry Unit in cooperation with the Student Alliance, was held as a way of showcasing the creativity of students. Contestants were assigned to design a laboratory, and videos of which— serving as virtual lab tours— were posted on the EVC Direct Facebook page. 

The event officially commenced on October 1, 2021. Participants were given two weeks to work on their projects. Five entries were submitted in total for this event: three entries from Category A and two entries from Category B, all of which were ranked based on the judges from the Chemistry Unit’s opinions and the online votes. The winners of the competition were announced last November 17.

Of all the entries, Giovanni Ignacio and the group of Louise Lelina, Gabrielle Cordeta, and Jezrel Saño, finished as champions for Category A and Category B, respectively. In second place were Chad Merontos for Category A and the group of Justin Tabao, Vehuel Bateo, and Ruan Baillo for Category B. Third place was awarded to Mikael Yuan Bacani. 

The winners were awarded prizes such as writing tablets, headphones, and a ring light to help ease their online learning experiences. 

“It was a fun experience. Tiring, sure, but, despite that, it was still quite memorable,” the Category B champion, Jezrel Saño,  stated.

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