Dela Cruz places 2nd in PES-Visayas Economics Essay Contest

Ranya Ecaldre ||

PSHS-EVC brings home a trophy once more as 11th-grader Bryan Dela Cruz places 2nd in the PES-Visayas Economics Conference Essay Contest. The event was conducted last August 20 via Zoom with several teachers and students from high schools and colleges all over Visayas attending. It was organized by the Philippine Economic Society in coordination with several universities to uphold the theme, “Engendering, encouraging economics education and knowledge for nation-building.” 

The essay’s topic was on the importance of economics in our lives. Dela Cruz wrote in his winning entry, “Economics is important in our lives because it can be integrated in everything we do and every decision we make.” He also stressed the significant role economics plays in the country’s strategy in facing the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

Aside from the Essay Contest, teachers were also able to showcase their talents in the Teaching Video Competition in which Social Science teacher, Eman Patata, participated. Several talks and panel discussions were also held to shed light on misconceptions in Economics to encourage the students to pursue careers in the field and to highlight its importance in our everyday lives. 

“It was an enriching experience. It made me appreciate the value of economics more and made me realize how much econ is intertwined in our life,” Dela Cruz said in an interview. 

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