TV Shows to Watch for Quarantainment

Julianna Rosh Nebrija ||

With the community quarantine in the country lasting nearly one year, it seems that everyone has tried every hobby imaginable, from baking cakes to attempting to keep garden plants alive. For many Pisay students, the same can be said. Sometimes, though, settling down and turning on a beloved TV show seems more preferable than embarking on the daunting task of trying something new. Here are some of our scholars’ all-time favorite shows that kept them afloat during these hectic times:

  1. Modern Family – This 11-season show has been a long-time favorite for American families due to its relatable humor and the life lessons learned from living with a large family full of unique individuals. Now that online streaming services such as Netflix made it even more accessible for fans all over the world, it is no surprise that Modern Family quickly became well-loved by Pisay scholars. One student exclaimed that its light-heartedness makes it the perfect show to binge on when you want to unwind from pressing school requirements. Though it certainly is a comedy show, it also tackles real topics such as societal and familial pressures placed upon teens and young adults, marriage and its various ups-and-downs, and starting a family as a person of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. With its balance of comedy and solemnity, this is a must-watch family show to pass the time. 
  1. Grey’s Anatomy – With 17 seasons under its belt and another one in production, Grey’s Anatomy holds the title for the longest-running medical drama—and for a good reason. Despite it running for almost 20 years now, its fan base only seems to grow as time goes by because of its well-written storylines and characters. Its latest season centers on a very relevant issue today: the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re a scholar wondering if med school would be the right fit for you, perhaps give this show a try during your downtime. 
  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender – Almost every Nickelodeon-loving scholar has probably encountered this at least once during their childhood. This cult-classic children’s show centers on a fictional world where nature bends (wink wink) to your will. Don’t let its seemingly simple premise fool you into thinking that it’s only enjoyable for kids, though. This show has been widely acclaimed by critics and watchers alike with its wonderful storytelling and awe-worthy character redemption arcs. The show also portrays the dynamics of politics in a fantasy setting realistically; and, through its sequel series, The Legend of Korra, explores different types of political ideologies. Many scholars enjoy watching and rewatching it either for the first time or simply for nostalgia. If you plan on starting this series, brew some tea while you’re at it!
  1. Headspace Guide to Meditation –  From the same creators of the meditation app Headspace and the podcast Radio Headspace, this new series was created in hopes to lead its viewers to a calmer mindset as 2021 begins. It is no secret that 2020 has been immensely taxing and depressing for everyone, so a show dedicated to help you learn the skills to rest and clear your mind would be a helpful addition to your watching habits as the quarantine stretches out. The show only comprises 8 episodes as of late and is animated with colorful yet soothing visuals, making it both a light and beneficial watch.
  1. BoJack Horseman – With its cartoonish style and anthropomorphic animals as the dominant group of people in its world, BoJack Horseman can be easily mistaken for a high-spirited comedic program at first glance. While there is some truth to that, this show leans often to more serious issues that are prominent in today’s world. It stars the titular horse character BoJack, who was the star of a failed 90’s sitcom, doing everything he can possibly do in order to regain high status in Hollywood. The series does not glorify its main character in any way, exposing his past and future actions and behavior that not only hurt him, but also the people he cares about—even beyond the point of reconciliation. It is certainly not an easy watch, and it may not be suitable for a lot of viewers. For some scholars, though, its pragmatism to otherwise taboo topics gives a certain kind of comfort especially during a time where nothing is certain. If you feel like tapping into your feelings, grab some tissues and try this show out. 

 For us scholars, it is important that we give time for ourselves just as much time we give for our academic and home responsibilities, especially since the pandemic has taken away the everyday things we enjoy and the things we are familiar with. Whether your idea of that is watching TV show reruns or calling your friends, treasure it as much as you can, as you should. 

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