PSHS-EVC kickstarts Online Sportsfest 2021

Kyrus Pampanga ||

Due to the pandemic, Philippine Science High School – Eastern Visayas Campus (PSHS-EVC) upheld its annual sports tradition, Sportsfest, virtually. The event took place through Google Meet and SKRIBBL last January 22-23, 2021, while schedules for upcoming additional games and activities are yet to be announced.

  Given the limitations of an online event, Sportsfest 2021 only featured three games: Pisay Henyo,, and Kahoot. House Carina, House Vela, and House Pyxis are the three factions competing for the trophy.

“However, despite this year’s hindrance, our annual Sportsfest can still be celebrated. Utilizing our modern technology, an online sportsfest can be an alternative experience. Amid the pandemic’s difficulties, by combining Esports and online events, we can keep up with the sportsfest spirit,”

Athletic Council President Alchris Ceballos said.

Starting with the classic Pisay Henyo, the school’s version of Pinoy Henyo, pairs from the houses (1 pair per category) will guess terms given by their teammates. Second, an online multiplayer game entitled will accommodate 3 participants per category (each house) to label the drawings of fellow players. Lastly, a quiz-like Kahoot with 12 players per house (2 players per batch) will challenge the knowledge and reading comprehension of the scholars. 

In the meantime, House Vela leads to bag the overall champion award upon dominating Kahoot and tying with House Carina in The general results will be declared in a week’s time.

The half-day stretch in the kick-starter event for the online sportsfest has concluded and has officially sparked the competition. Alchris Ceballos added,

“As much as we want to hold a full-blown amazing event, the time frame given to us was just short, only half a day for this quarter. Although, we are expecting the events will be held in an ongoing manner. We will be working hard for the succeeding iterations and events.”

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