Why the LGBTQIA+ community needed OhMyV33NUS’s win

by: Margarette Joelly Nunez || Photo Credit: OhMyV33NUS/Facebook

Recently, OhMyV33NUS and the rest of Blacklist International clinched and reclaimed the championship title in MPL Philippines. But, contrary to that milestone, OhMyV33NUS and Wise received numerous homophobic comments rather than kudos, proving the hostility against LGBTQIA+ members who ought to succeed in heteronormative spaces.

As per today’s untainted reality, the hate towards people whose SOGIE falls “outside the normal” subsequently hinders their prime, especially in male-dominated sports. Therefore, when they excel, a brutal amount of wrath through society’s established gender barriers is poured upon them. 

Jonmar Villaluna, known with the IGN: OhMyV33NUS, is the first openly professional queer player in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines. Initially playing for ONIC Philippines, Villaluna was later traded into Blacklist International, where he plays a significant role in playmaking as team captain and support.

He is globally recognized as a notable captain for developing a distinctive playstyle that won him and his team the M3 World Championship, SEA Games 2021, and MPL PH Seasons 7, 8, and 10. The queen shares these achievements with Danerie James Del Rosario, identified as IGN: Wise, the jungler of Blacklist. 

“Love of my life,” said Wise when asked to describe OhMyV33NUS.

Even before joining MLBB, OhMyV33NUS and Wise competed in League of Legends, where their paths first crossed. Later, Wise posted a statement online defending OhMyV33NUS from the homophobes, in which he also proudly announced their romantic relationship. 

As an epitome, OhMyV33NUS has driven other queer people to stand up for their worth. Such as Khan Kyaw Zay or OHMYJENNIE, an MLBB player in Myanmar who named himself after Villaluna. OHMYJENNIE emerged as one of Myanmar’s top players as he represented the country in Hanoi SEA Games 2021 and went up against his idol, OhMyV33NUS. 

“Being able to represent the LGBTQ+ community in Esports means that someone like me can be visible. I can raise awareness and be of help in changing the misconceptions and derogatory treatment of the LGBTQ+ in our gaming culture,” OhMyV33NUS once stated.

The battle against gender stereotypes in the sporting world is tough and, most of the time, unsettling. But OhMyV33NUS did it anyway; he stood up to remind us that LGBTQIA+ people can thrive in scenes where society has customarily taught everyone they cannot. 

The amount of courage it took them, OhMyV33NUS and Wise,  was unfathomable. In due course, the LGBTQ community can, too, explore what is brought to the table for conventionally masculine places, as they should.

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