PSHS Ugnayan 2022: Warm bonds in the Cool City of Baguio

by:  Margarette Joelly Nunez || Photos Credit: PSHS System Ugnayan

Ugnayan 2022 Theme: “Breaking barriers of stereotyping in sports, dance, and music.”

After two years of pandemic pause, the PSHS System kicked off Ugnayan 2022 last November 7-10, 2022, in Baguio City with PSHS – Cordillera Administrative Region Campus as the host. 

The cultural and sporting event consisted of 5 clusters: Yellow Sami-Sami (IRC, MRC, CVisC, SMC), Red Abuyo (CVC, CBZRC, WVC, CRC), White Kullaaw (CLC, MC, EVC, SRC), Blue Tuwato (CARC, BRC, CMC, ZRC), and Green Dudon (OED, ExeCom, BOT, NAA).

Warming the shivers on the 7th of November, the Ugnayan delegates gathered before sunrise and were accompanied by the Philippine Military Band as they marched from Hill Station to Baguio Convention Center. The parade was followed by the opening program involving Torch Lighting, Kapihan sa Baguio, and the Gender and Development Seminar. 

After the opening program, the Chorale and Dancesport competitions of the PSHS personnel from different campuses began. EVC’s very own chorale group won 5th place with their winning piece, “Leron Leron Sinta.” In dancesport, EVC’s duo, Nomer Gutierrez and Darry Portillo, danced the night away in Cha-cha, Rhumba, and Jive during the qualifying round but failed to progress to the final round; nonetheless, the victorious pair came from the same cluster, White Kullaaw. 

Starting with the ball games, the sports fest commenced on November 8 at Benguet State University. In volleyball, EVC representatives Margarette Nuñez and Tiffany Afable claimed the 4th spot after losing two matches. On the other hand, Leslie Cruto and Herma Morales dominated the court to clinch 1st place in the personnel category of women’s volleyball with a clean sweep. 

Shooting their shot to the championships, Vince Boonyarat and Job Beau Linao of basketball girls and boys, respectively, secured their silver medals after battling teams from the same cluster, Red Abuyo. The basketball girls won the first game against the champions but failed in the second due to a twice-to-beat advantage. Meanwhile, the men’s basketball team of the personnel category, composed of Francis Ebio and Fernando Asis, landed 4th. 

Held the same day at Baguio Athletic Bowl was the athletics competition, which was joined by Alexandrei Delector, Helena Enero, Dachel Raagas, and Joven Sumayod. Delector ran 200 meters and clinched 4th, while Raagas secured 4th in the 100-meter dash. Meanwhile, Helena Enero won silver and gold in the 100-meter dash and 4×100-meter relay, respectively. Lastly, Joven Sumayod placed silver in the men’s running long jump. 

In chess, EVC representative Quiara Macasa bagged gold after establishing dominance among her opponents. Ana Riza Gozon also claimed her medal as she placed bronze in the personnel’s category.

On the third day, the racket games filled the courts of Benguet State University. EVC’s badminton players went home triumphant after Franze Go fought his way to 3rd place in the boy’s singles division, while Vinci Gabumpa and his mixed doubles pair Antonette Occeña dominated the scene after gaining 0 losses and a gold medal. 

Battling alongside the courts of BSU were the table tennis athletes. In girl’s doubles, Jewess Alban and her partner successfully took home bronze. From the boy’s doubles category, Laurence Abuda landed 4th place after two consecutive losses. Similarly, Jennifer De Los Reyes and Xavier De Los Reyes bagged the 4th spot in the mixed personnel category. 

On the last day, the personnel pitched in the Laro ng Lahi, which consisted of familiar Filipino games such as sack race, tug-of-war, and kadang-kadang. Aside from the chorale stage, Neil Rabino and Alexandra Buñales proved prowess in the tug-of-war, where they won 1st place.

To formally conclude PSHS System Ugnayan 2022, an awarding ceremony was held after Laro ng Lahi. First, the host announced the 5th place in overall points, Cluster 5 – Green Dudon; then, Cluster 3 – White Kullaaw in 4th; and Cluster 1 – Yellow Sami-Sami in 3rd place. Down to two clusters, screams of joy filled the gymnasium as Red Abuyo sealed the overall champion title, handing the 2nd spot to Blue Tuwato.

The chant, “Agyaman kami, CARC! [Thank you, CARC],” poured around Benguet State University as the delegates of Ugnayan 2022 expressed their gratefulness. 

For the final stop, the delegates toured around Philippine Military Academy in Benguet, Baguio. The PMA Band played their hearts out through their drums and trumpets, enchanting the PSHS System. The graduating cadets also showcased their routines that anchored symbols of their values. Finally, alumni of PISAY shared their stories of becoming a cadet, inspiring fellow scholars to join the academy. 

PSHS System Ugnayan 2023 is set to connect the campuses once more in Iloilo as PSHS – Western Visayas Campus accepts the challenge of holding this passionate and exciting event.

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