Negrense Softbelles clinch 4th in Little League Softball World Series

by: Kyrus Mathew Pampanga || Photo Credit: Little League

Representing the Asia-Pacific region, the young Negros Occidental softball team from the Philippines bowed down to their towering Virginian rival, 0-9, during the 2022 Little League Softball World Series (LLSWS) last August 16, 2022, Philippine Standard Time, in Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

As the shortest in the World Series with an average height of 5’0, the team was composed of talented Filipino girls all from different towns and cities of Negros Occidental.

Coming off a stellar performance throughout the league, Virginia’s Kaylee Hodges once again exemplified her prowess as she emerged victorious, conquering their final match-up with an impeccable strikeout spree and commanding pitches.

Kicking things off with a roaring crowd, the two teams put out an intense exchange of nerves, clouding the start with foul plays and stagnant strikeouts that left the scoreboard unruffled even after four innings for both teams.

Finally, Virginia embarked on the scoreboard after a clean base hit by Isabela Viruet following a swift execution to touch the home plate, taking the lead at 0-1.

Persisting still in a battle reminiscent of the Bible’s David and Goliath, Negros Occidental’s Jacey Pajotal took the lead for her team to try and counter Virginia’s dominance in offense and defense. 

But only then did the rain arrive, and things took a turn in their hopes to score over the Americans, shutting all doors to be neck-in-neck with the other team’s score, 0-4.

The Virginian ace batter Kammie Walter reigned over as she kept their formidable offense in check and generated striking base hits, which led her team to victory, outlasting the Filipinos by a wide margin, 0-9.

Despite their loss against the giants, the Negrese Softbelles ended their World Series campaign on a good note. The team was crowned with the 2022 Girls with Game Team Sportsmanship Award after exhibiting strong discipline, a bright attitude, and sportsmanship on and off the field.

“On behalf of all of us at the Little League Softball World Series, we are honored to present the 2022 Girls with Game Team Sportsmanship Award to Negros Occidental Little League,” Ashlea Nash, the Little League Director of Softball Development, said. “Since the moment they arrived, the players of Negros Occidental Little League have shown the excitement and sportsmanship that makes the Little League World Series experience so meaningful and have proven what it means to be Girls with Game.”

“The award surprised everyone as among the twelve competing teams, the Negros Occidental team got the award which, we feel is a gold award at that,” stated Anthony Carlo Agustin, the head of delegation and the Provincial Sports Office of Negros Occidental.

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