PSMUNYS 2022: PSHS-EVC holds its first MUN

by Johanna Macababbad || Photo Credit: PSHS – EVC MUN Club

“The world needs your [youth’s] energy, courage, and commitment. I draw hope from seeing your generation challenge the status quo and call for transformative change.”

Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General emphasized during his message in the opening program for the first Model United Nations Youth Summit (MUNYS) independently organized by the Philippine Science-Eastern Visayas Campus (PSHS-EVC).

To aid scholars in enhancing their public speaking skills as well as tackling relevant current issues, the Pisay Sinirangan MUNYS (PSMUNYS) was conducted last July 6 to 8, 2022, through Zoom, with this year’s theme being “Evaluating and ensuring environmental sustainability of emerging technologies.”

Participants consisted of students from different PSHS campuses, wherein the selected PSHS-EVC students were delegates for each of the 27 countries, while scholars from other campuses were the observers of the procedural meetings and debates.

Day 1

PSHS-EVC opened the summit with a program, primarily focusing on informing the audience on this year’s theme which coincides with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #13: Climate Action.

Elyzah Amboy Parcon, the environmental specialist and keynote speaker, discussed the environmental cons of blockchain technology, more specifically: non-fungible tokens. “The choice will always be yours, ours and the collective movement,” she added, referring to the standing concern of adapting to this technology.

After the opening program, the summit was then followed by the commencement of the General Assembly where the delegates gave their opening messages, including their stances on the topic and proposed solutions.

To summarize, nine of the delegates proposed a shift to renewable energy, while some of the countries opted for stricter regulations, or possibly, centralization of the currency.

In the afternoon, the General Assembly continued with a series of moderated and unmoderated caucuses so that the delegates can elaborate, give feedback, and press concerns regarding their or each other’s plan of action.

Day 2

Continuously, on the second day of the summit, the procedural meeting continued in which two draft resolutions were made with the topics namely, “Regulating blockchain technology by establishing a government-supervised cryptocurrency” and “International cooperation between developed and underdeveloped countries for the switch to renewable and sustainable energy.”

After the “Con” side’s speeches had been declared, the draft resolutions were voted upon for approval, wherein the draft regarding international cooperation for transitioning to renewable energy was favored by the simple majority and was passed.

Day 3

On the last day of the summit, Mark Caranzo, a PSHS-EVC alumni, relayed tips on college applications while Noemi Agner, a coach for the PMUNYS, grounded the delegates on public speaking. An awarding ceremony then followed these meaningful speeches.

For Best Summit Speaker, Kyle Andrew Abello, delegate of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea won gold, while Troyann Justin Pallones, delegate of China, and, Margarette Joelly Nuñez, delegate of United Arab Emirates, placed second and third place respectively.

For the Best Position Paper Award, Zemuel Abrito, delegate of the Philippines, Rafahil Palompon, delegate of Japan, Alexis Celine Morabe, delegate of Slovakia Republic, garnered first, second and third places, respectively.

For the final award, the Best Summit Delegate, Pallones was declared the champion, while Zenas Praise Agnila, delegate of French Republic, placed second, and Poimen Deb Agnila, delegate of the Principality of Liechtenstein, placed third.

To conclude the summit, Ruan Tady Baillo, the PSMUNYS 2022 Secretary-General, expressed his hope that this summit could be used as an inspiration to host upcoming conferences wherein students can learn from and discuss with one another. He finally closed the event by saying, “And as our club motto goes: Est quod est. It is what it is.”

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