Fray Mended in the Threads of Fate

by: Margarette Joelly Nuñez || Photo credit: SF 2021-2022 Documentation Comittee

PSHS-EVC’s Virtual Sportsfest unleashed its final hurrah last March 31, 2022. House X, similar to the past year, bagged the overall champion title while Houses Z and Y placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively.  

The final wave of games began on March 30-31, featuring the Online Amazing Race, Valorant, and SF Live Quiz. Conducted by section, the Online Amazing Race included a series of questions and links that led to a finish point, with sections Diamond, Jasmine, Sodium, Neutron, and Section A dominating the scene. Meanwhile, Lapid Phenomenal Basketball of House Klotho struck gold in Valorant, which mandated two teams per house (in an open category) and was conducted in a 5v5 first-person hero shooter game. Finally, for the concluding game, the Live Quiz rewarded winning players with 200 pesos and ten house points in which Houses X, Y, and Z garnered 100, 50, and 40 points, respectively.  

To ignite the energy of the spectators, selected students and guest band Vyses showcased their talents through pre-recorded performances during the closing program;  games were also held alongside these to maintain the zest. 

The hosts finally declared House Klotho as this year’s champions, having seized 1678 points in total. House Atropos, only four points behind with a score of 1674, secured the second spot. Lastly, House Lachesis landed in third with a total of 1480 points. 

“Despite the setup, we succeeded in pushing this victory. However, the real win here was really the bond that we met along the way. This event allowed us to ease the distance between Pisay scholars in the region,” stated Margarette Nunez, the General Athletic Manager of House Klotho.

To conclude the event, Batch and Athletic Council Adviser Mrs. Daisy Gaut expressed, “This event is not only a mere experience, but it is also an enjoyable moment.”

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