Love and Its Varying Types

by: Aine Latoja || Photo Credit: Oprah Daily

As the month of love rolls in, many anticipate the holiday that falls on a lovely-looking number, 14. 

Valentines’ Day is a celebration of everything related to romance and love. From romantic comedies to cheesy pick-up lines, this special day is associated with dreamy hues of pink and red, boxes of chocolates, bouquets, you name it. But, this doesn’t mean that you are required to have a romantic date to celebrate V-day. As much as the media romanticizes finding your soulmate in high school, that isn’t the case most of the time. We, as a society, put so much pressure on teenagers to mature quickly and get into steadfast relationships without even knowing what exactly these relationships are.

There are other people whose love is just as important to celebrate the month of love, and what better way to show them than good old-fashioned romantic gestures? Romantic relationships aren’t the only ones with a special pass. Who needs a date just to feel loved, anyway?

Though if you’re one of the few people that have a date, then good for you. Romantic love—or eros, as the Greeks call it—is the type of love people most associate with when thinking about Valentines’ Day. The romantic feelings for a person distinguish this sort of love. It’s similar to platonic love, but there’s some physical intimacy as well. Romantic love is passionate but can be hard to find. Cherish this love while you have it, except when they are a walking red flag, then run! 

However, there are plenty more relationships to focus on. 

Philia, or the love of friendship, is often formed when mutual interests and understanding are present. Everyone in the world has probably created these special connections. According to Plato, this type of love is the best and lasts the longest. Acknowledging the love you have for your friends can help bring you closer and deepen your bond even more. Go on Discord calls, play games together, or meet up in person. Who better to celebrate Valentines’ with other than the people who have always had your back, good or bad?

Meanwhile, this holiday also calls for treating those who have loved you the longest: your family. We can all agree that, blood-related or not, the people we call family are those we think the whole world of. Even in the worst times, familial love always comes through. Order a bouquet for your parents, treat your siblings with a box of chocolates, or write your dog a love letter. There are many ways to express the love you feel for the people you consider as home.

And most importantly, self-love. Many people tend to forget this, but love always starts with oneself. How we treat the people we love is and always will be reflective of ourselves. Despite Cupid not hitting you with an arrow this year, take yourself out on a date. It can be a bit challenging focusing on yourself more, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Once you finally learn not to measure your self-worth over other people’s validation and realize you are worthy of love regardless of who you are, maybe love will find itself back to you.

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