Sports Fest 2021: The Fray Resurfaces

by: Kyle Abello || Photo credit: Nathalia Canlas (IG: @actually_nathhh)

The three threads of destiny’s Fray have resurfaced once again.  

Menders of Houses Klotho, Lachesis, and Atropos fought virtually during the Sports Fest 2021: the Fray in the Threads of Fate on its second-quarter edition last January 20 to 21. The event featured Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) as the lone major game, the Whisper Challenge, and Telegram ON9 Word Chain Bot Game as its two minor games, and Twitter games on the Athletic Council’s official account (@evcbentekwatro)

House Klotho cemented its dominance in CODM with their Team One securing first place, while Teams One and Two of House Atropos landed in second and third, respectively. The game followed a round-robin and playoffs tournament format with the champions winning 500 pesos each, first runners-up 300 pesos each, and second runners-up 200 pesos each. 

In the minor games, House Klotho emerged victorious with three sweeps all in all from both the Whisper Challenge and Telegram ON9 Word Chain Bot Game in all categories (A, B, and C). Champions from both games will receive 400 pesos each, 300 pesos each for the second-placers, and 200 pesos each for the third-placers. 

Other events, including a bingo and three games, for this quarter, were held generally on @evcbentekwatro, the batch’s official Twitter account, for all to engage in and enjoy. 

“I considered this event as something special not just for me but also for all the students because we all get to experience a small break after the exams despite it just being two days. A lot of stuff happened from the games and the interactions online that we all enjoyed,” Lorenne Limsiaco, the Athletic Council Vice President, disclosed in an interview with the Science Net. “And as for the next quarter, we hope the student body will still enjoy it, especially with our closing ceremony, as we are hoping to end this year’s Sports Fest with a bang.” 

At present, House Klotho leads the overall Sports Fest scoreboard with 1166 points, House Atropos in second with 1127 points, and House Lachesis with 999 points taking up the last spot.

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