Pisay celebrates holidays through E-Paskuhan 2021

by Ranya Ecaldre || Photo Credit: EVC Direct

Despite the postponement due to the aftermath of Typhoon Odette, the PSHS-EVC Community still ignited its holiday spirit during the Pisay E-Paskuhan 2021, a virtual Christmas party held last January 7 via Zoom. 

The celebration was organized by the Student Alliance (SA) and was formally opened by the Campus Director, Yvonne Esperas. The first half of the program involved games and intermission numbers showcasing the wits and talents of the scholars. Additionally, past music and lip sync videos were viewed during the program, allowing scholars to reminisce face-to-face Pisay traditions. Breakout rooms were then opened for the students to spend time with their batch mates through games, virtual catch-up sessions, and photo ops. 

The highlight of the event was the viewing of entries for the E-Paskuhan contests namely: Digiposter Contest, Makeup Contest, and the Christmas Jingle Contest. The competitions showcased the students’ creativity, talents in arts, singing and/or dancing, and their ability to embody the jolly yuletide feel of the holidays. 

The announcement of winners for the said competitions was held during the flag ceremony last January 10. For the Digiposter Contest, 11th grader Aidan Torres bagged first place, 12th grader Shelby Lim landed second, and 10th grader Frances Sonon placed third. Lim also placed first in the Makeup contest by default for submitting the only entry in the competition. 

For the Christmas Jingle Contest, groups were formed according to their respective SportsFest houses and were divided into two brackets: Bracket A consisting of students from Grades 7, 9, and 11, and Bracket B consisting of students from Grades 8, 10, and 12. For bracket A, House Lachesis finished champion, House Klotho finished second, and House Atropos landed third. For Bracket B, House Lachesis bagged third place, while House Atropos and House Klotho finished in a tie for the champion. 

Torres, Digiposter Contest champion, expressed their joy to see their efforts showcased to the student body. Lim, the SA Treasurer, also shared that the SA is happy that they were given the chance to conduct something like this despite the damage of Typhoon Odette and the stressful pile of requirements. 

“Seeing everyone enjoy the program we worked hard on to prepare was gratifying, so I very much appreciate those who joined and participated,” she said. 

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