PSHS-EVC Virtual Sports Fest 2021: Scholars Pitch in the Virtual Fray

by Vera Avila || Photo Credit: EVC Athletic Council ||

PSHS-EVC’s Batch 2024 officially commenced this year’s Sports Fest with the theme “The Fray in the Threads of Fate” yesterday, November 4, 2021, through a Zoom meeting. 

In the opening remarks, the Athletic Council, alongside batch adviser, Ma’am Daisy Gaut, encouraged PSHS-EVC scholars to showcase their best efforts in unity by participating in cheers and games for their respective houses: Klotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. 

“I think that [this] is what makes your whole stay in Pisay more memorable—because there is a sense of community for you to be able to just connect with people who have the same passion as you,” said guest speaker Karl Eugene Pamat, 2013 AC President and volleyball athlete. 

Two games were included in the latter part of the event: Artistwo, a celebrity guessing game, and Ano Tanong, which involved guessing the correct question using keywords, phrases, and images shown. In between the games were intermission numbers from selected students and guest band Vyses. 

Videos of previous Sports Fests were played, showcasing beloved events such as the cheer dance performances and the sports competitions, ending the program with a trip down the memory lane.

PSHS-EVC Sports Fest 2021: Scholars Pitch in the Virtual Fray

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