Sports Fest 2021 to commence virtually yet again

Kyrus Pampanga ||

Photo Credit: EURACTIV

With PSHS-EVC’s Batch 2024 stepping up to the responsibility, the annual Sports Fest is expected to be conducted online once more.

The event is to be held across the duration of three quarters, following tentative dates: November 4-5, 2021, January 17-18, 2022, and March 21-22, 2022. An estimated two hundred fifty students will participate in three major events and six minor events amid pandemic.

Athletic Council President Charles Uy announced that he anticipates this year’s Sports Fest to be a great success despite the set-up, aiming for a well-organized, highly anticipated, enjoyable event that will ensure active participation from all grade levels.

“The Sportsfest is an important event each year that helps the student body feel a sense of unity, which is all the more prevalent now that some batches aren’t even acquainted with each other yet,” Uy added.

There would be one major event and two minor events for each quarter. Tournaments in the major division, namely Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty, and Online Amazing Race, are expected to garner at least a hundred student participants overall, with cash prizes for each podium finisher. Likewise, tournaments in the minor division expect to accumulate a number of student participants from all houses for games, Pinoy Henyo, Whisper Challenge, Telegram Word Game, Valorant, and Facebook Live Quiz. Prizes are to be awarded either in cash or house points.

Aside from the games, further projects such as the raffle are to be anticipated in order to put forward more opportunities for scholars to participate and engage in this year’s Sports Fest.

“I think it will push through because this time it’s calendared, but in terms of success, it will depend on the organizing committee and batch,” Daisy Gaut, the batch’s coordinator, disclosed in an interview. “I cannot say yet if it improved in any aspect [compared to the previous year] since the planning has just started.”

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