PSHS-EVC kicks off A.Y. 2021-2022

Ranya Ecaldre ||

To help students and parents adapt to another year of remote learning, orientations for Academic Year 2021-2022 were held last August 31 to September 1 via Google Meet. 

Aside from the usual guidelines and announcements from the school administration offices, upcoming freshmen were also oriented on K-Hub, the system-wide platform used for online learning. 

In addition, OIC Curriculum and Instruction Division Chief, Anariza Gozon highlighted the implementation of the blocking-staggered schedule. According to Gozon, in the new schedule, the total number of subjects will be divided into two blocks: A and B, and will follow an alternate schedule per month. The exemption of this will be the Research subject, which will be offered every month. Gozon further stated that exams shall be conducted every end of the month, only for those respective subjects that were taken. Students will meet their subject teachers twice a week for synchronous and asynchronous sessions.

In an interview, she mentioned that this was the same schedule implemented by PSHS-CVisC last school year. Due to the positive feedback from them, she expressed that hopefully, it would also give enough time for teachers to prepare their materials, for students to comply with their requirements, and for everyone to relax every once in a while. 

She also stated that they plan to hold a one-week health break every after quarter, which will involve various activities conducted by the Athletic Council, in order for the students to unwind. Gozon stressed the importance of balance in academics and recreation in the well-being of scholars. 

“Students really need to manage their time wisely and commit themselves to strive for excellence as they are expected to learn something and not merely complying with their academic requirements because, by this time, they are given more time to reflect,” she added.

After being asked regarding the conduct of face-to-face classes, Gozon responded that she cannot tell exactly when it is possible. Additionally, if the system imposes directives to hold face-to-face classes, the number of individuals on the campus should be limited due to our country’s current state amid the pandemic. 

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