The Closing Curtains: Recognizing Lamiraw’s Legacy

Julianna Rosh Nebrija ||

PSHS-EVC’s Batch Lamiraw
Photo by: Jean Lourd Misa

After a year of online classes amidst the pandemic, the school year 2020-2021 finally comes to a close. The past year posed challenges like no other for both students and teachers – with dramatic changes to everyday school life laden with great difficulties in communication and in execution. With the sense of familiarity and routine taken away from everyone, the year was certainly not an easy one.

This is especially true for Batch Lamiraw, PSHS-EVC’s graduating batch of the year. For the seniors, the challenge of learning and working in a completely remote setting was magnified with the stress of finalizing their research with little to no face-to-face interaction and of preparing and applying for numerous colleges. Despite such trials on their path, they handled it with the grace and excellence the rest of the school associates them with.  

No Success without Support

To honor their efforts and contributions during the school year—and the previous years—a virtual recognition program entitled “Pagpupugay” was held last May 21, 2021. Pagpupugay is a Tagalog word that stands for “salute,” a nod of respect for the batch and their admirable achievements.

Though it may seem like they finished this year with ease because of the countless awards they garnered, the seniors would think otherwise. Just like the rest of the school body, they had their share of difficulties and needed support in order to pass the year with flying colors.

Mark Caranzo, a Batch Lamiraw senior, said that there were a lot of things in play that motivated him during online classes. The first for him was his own personal ambition. “I feel like I’m studying not just for the recognition, but [also] for the knowledge na pwede kong makuha, which I believe would prepare me for my future career,” he shared. Along with his own desire to study well as much as he can, he also added that he felt that doing good in school was the least he could do for his hardworking parents. His Christian faith and his support system composed of his classmates, friends, and church family were also important in motivating him the entire school year.

For a student leader like Iana Puayap, leading also meant taking breaks. Even though everything now has to be administered online, she still wanted to be as active as possible in the various student organizations she takes charge of. She joined an out-of-school organization that advocated for mental health, but because it needed a large portion of her time, she had to take a break from it. She felt that she needed to prioritize adjusting to the new normal before dedicating much of her time on other matters. The same reason also applied to her in the school’s SRCYC, being fully understanding when the other members did not participate much in their discussions. Because she understood that online learning demanded most of a student’s energy and time, she didn’t force starting new projects when it was clear that not everyone can be readily available for them.

Research has also become a challenge during online classes. Nico Quimsing, a tech-savvy Batch Lamiraw senior, said that there was the downside of not having access to a number of tools available at the CReST lab. Luckily for him, his study did not require as much materials and/or equipment most bio-chem studies needed as it was essentially developmental. Minus the presence of his research group mates and their adviser, he was able to work just like he normally did once he got the materials he needed on his own. To him, research is essential, especially during trying times such as now.

A Show for the Ages

Batch Lamiraw always stood out in school, even when they were still the fresh faces. They proudly shared their talent in the various productions they performed during school events, and they showed their genius and excellence when representing the school in competitions across and outside the country. Their unity as a whole has always been an inspiring attribute, both to the older and to the younger batches. Even at the face of the pandemic, with their last year taking a turn nobody expected, they shone brightly as they always have.

With everything that they have done and achieved during their time in Pisay, it is guaranteed that there will only be bigger things in store for the skilled dreamers. Soon, they’ll be on their way in making their mark on this world, ready to show them a show for the ages.

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