Race to Cyberspace: PSHS-EVC Online Sports Fest 2021

Kirstin Malinao ||

Photo Credits: Documentation Team of Athletic Council

The Sports Fest 2021: Race to Polaris was held live last January 24, 2021 through Facebook Live. The PSHS-EVC Athletic Council organized the celebration online, preserving Sportsfest tradition and providing non-academic activities to students amidst the pandemic. The event started with an opening program, and showcased the cheers of the three houses: Carina, Vela and Pyxis, alongside games that entertained the students.

While many initially assumed that the Sportsfest was cancelled, students were thrilled and intrigued when they heard that the event was being held online, considering physical sports were one of the main activities for this event in previous celebrations. However, quarantine protocols prohibit any type of physical sports activities in the school.

Despite all the difficulties, the celebration prospered and reached its goal to bring joy to the students at the comfort of their homes. Viewers left lively and cheerful comments reflecting their participation and enjoyment during the FB live broadcast. 

In the Opening Program, short messages from the Athletic Council and its adviser, Mrs. Daisy Gaut, were given, along with intermission numbers from a few students from the organizing batch. Additionally, introduction of General Athletic Managers of the competing houses took place. The program ended with the Athletic Council declaring the official start of the Sports Fest 2021: Race to Polaris. 

This year’s Sportfest included three games: Pisay Henyo, Kahoot, and Skribbl.io, which were shown in between the cheers of the three houses. This was the first time the Sportsfest was held online and the organizers were lauded for being able to pull through with such an event.

They also announced that this year’s Sports Fest is being done in an ongoing manner and will have a second iteration soon. 

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