PSHS-EVC garners awards in KVIS-ISF

Crishelle Phoebe Yu ||

To provide a mechanism for students with a strong interest in the sciences, Kamnoetvidya Science Academy held the 4th KVIS Invitational Science Fair virtually in Thailand last February 6-20, 2021. With the theme “Scientific Endeavors in One Click”, the fair aimed to provide opportunities for students who have a strong passion for science and technology to be paired with mentors from different schools and exchange scientific knowledge by connecting with other young scientists through an online platform.

Philippine Science High School – Eastern Visayas Campus students from grade 12 brought home the bacon by winning the “Best Oral Presentation Award in Biology Research” with Mark Russell Caranzo, Kristen Clarisse Loreto, and Alinelle Mae Reoma as the presenters of their study “Spatiotemporal Analysis of Dengue Cases in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines” and “Best Social Inspiration Award in Chemistry Research” participated by Georginne Reese Perez, Darren Pearl Reynera and Queenie Anne Yanuario for their research “Qualitative Analysis and Preliminary Anticancer Activity Evaluation of Alkaloids in Chrysophyllum caimito leaves”.

“KVIS was really fun. At first, my groupmates and I were really nervous because we had researchers from all over the world there, but it was exciting getting to know them and listening to them present their research projects. We were able to learn a lot, and it was a wonderful experience seeing the directions that the people belonging to our generation, from all over the world, were leading scientific innovations in various fields,” Perez stated.

Over the fair, the students were a part of poster presentations, science activities, and making friends from across the globe with the vision of being a leading science high school promoting wisdom, research, and technology for the nation’s sustainable development.

“We were, at first, intimidated by the judges who would be on the Chemistry panel because some of them had previously won international awards in their respective fields, but their questions were very engaging, and they showed genuine interest and respect for all the presenters’ research topics, so the presentation day turned out to be a lot more fun than we were expecting,” Perez pointed out.

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