PSHS-EVC completes Wi-Fi project to ease distance learning

Aya Ecaldre ||

In line with the transition to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PSHS-EVC implemented a project on improving the campus’s internet connection. The new network now features 500 Mbps speed and improved Wi-Fi area coverage. 

This project was spearheaded by the school director, Erick John Marmol, in collaboration with the Management Information System (MIS) Coordinator, Lalaine Llose, and the Information Systems Analyst (ISA), John Paul Soledad. The project had been set to be implemented in the first quarter of 2020. However, due to the strict health protocols brought forth by the pandemic, the project had been delayed, resulting in the improved network to be launched later in January 2021.

Wi-Fi networks located in each building are connected to the Campus Server Room through a fiber optic cable. Before, the Wi-Fi connection was only accessible from inside the employees’ buildings. Now, the Wi-Fi is open to everyone in the admin building, hallways, gym, dormitory, and canteen. Currently, the CReST and the Learning Resource buildings are not yet connected. However, they are set to be included in the cabling project for 2021. 

All students, faculty, and staff will have free access to the Wi-Fi network through their log-in accounts. Guests and visitors may also have access as per request. Although there are still weak spots such as the open field and park, the network is still supposedly strong enough to be used in school-related tasks. As of now, the bandwidth of the network has no limit. However, when face to face classes resume, a limit on the upload and download will be set to regulate the internet usage. 

Llose stressed the need for a stable internet connection in conducting online classes. She emphasized,

“One of the parameters to successfully conduct an online class is a reliable internet connection. With the Structured Network Cabling and Wi-Fi Network Project on the campus, this is made possible.”

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