Unconquered Legends

Jeb Eduardo Garganera ||

“Be strong enough to be someone even the demons would fear.”

Towering over the other competitors, Pyrocentrix Gaming swept the EVC Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tournament, 9-0, on December 25-29, 2020.

Although undefeated, Pyrocentrix experienced a hard matchup against Team Xerzes, as it looked as if they were about to lose to their big early game advantage, but they managed to take control of the game and had faith in the strong late game that got them the win.

Showing true mastery in roles and team building, Pyrocentrix outplayed the entire tournament with the execution of perfect plays and coordination.

“Upon the first attempts in the tournament, we encouraged ourselves to play specific roles and work on it until it becomes smoother until eventually, we got used to it,”

Captain0000 mentioned.

“Knowledge that we had is no value unless we had practiced and honed it,”

Team Captain Andrei also added.

Popping off simultaneously, cores of the team, like WynsTV, AltairKazuro408, and Team Captain Andrei, showcased astounding skill and mastery in their games. WynsTV’s Lapu-lapu diving the enemy in their base and AltairKazuto’s troll Miya pick caught the enemy team off guard and demonstrated what is colloquially called “a gamer move”.

Securing a game in the finals, Pyrocentrix continued their assault as they comfort pick Natalia for their Team captain Andrei Calo “ⓐⓝⓓⓡⓔⓘ” who dominated Game 2 leaving Lapid Esports helpless in their base performing a ritual around their nexus. 

Throughout the tournament, the team played very well because they had a general idea of their respective roles and stuck to their strong points no matter the struggle. Quite notable is Dustin Agner “Captain000” with his off lane and Renzo Roa “Tonton90” with his tank.

The finals ended with a series of emotes and good sportsmanship demoralization as Team Lapid Esports completely bowed down to the towering giants, and left with a good heart and emotes blast, which Captain0000 started. 

Jed Luis Quismundo, Jaowarskiee Event Organizer said,

We are satisfied because we were able to finish the tournament successfully and the players are cooperating well with us, organizers, regardless of the one-sidedness because of the monstrosity that is Pyrocentrix. Congratulations to all.”

Photo Credit: Jed Luis Quismundo

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