PSHS-EVC celebrates Christmas virtually

Louella Mae A. Sas ||

To welcome the Christmas season, the Philippine Science High School – Eastern Visayas Campus (PSHS-EVC), in coordination with the Student Alliance, held a two-week school-wide virtual event, the “Pisay Pamasko Experience”. With the goal of bringing the EVC community closer, the festivities were composed of three different sessions with various games and talks from speakers including Pisay alumni and scholars. The events were live-streamed on the EVC Direct page.

The first session which was the “STEMatagingting na Pasko: STEM Career Testimonials” was held last November 27, 2020. Three EVC Alumni were invited as speakers for this event, namely, Mr. Mark H. Robin, a Senior Software Engineer – Inspire Team, Arch. Junelle B. Barcena, a Creative Arts Specialist I – Philippine Statistical Research and Training Institute, and Engr. Ma. Roselle C. Portula, a Quality Assurance Manager – Mondelez International. The speakers shared their past experiences as scholars in Pisay, their career choices, and what to expect after we graduate in Pisay. They gave a lot of advice on how to choose the best career for the PSHS scholars.

The second session which was the “Kwentuhan sa Paskong Kwarantin” was held last November 28, 2020. Scholars from different batches were chosen to be speakers in this event, namely: Reese Latonio, Marifel Balbarona, Nicole Erroba, Ronn Opina, and a freshman, Samantha Macabit. The speakers shared their quarantine experiences and the seniors also shared tips related to school for the younger scholars.

In line with the “Pisay Pamasko Experience”, the SA also held competitions such as the “Pa-Mask Ko: A Face Mask and Face Shield Design Competition” in which the participants designed their face mask or face shield in adherence to the theme: “QuaranFeels: How do you feel under this quarantine?” and “Pisay Tiktok Competition” wherein the participants were free to do whatever they want; as long as their TikToks were Pisay related which would be judged based on the idea, creativity, presentation, resourcefulness and audience impact.

To formally conclude the event, the third and last session, the “pa-MASK-orisyo: PISAY Christmas Culmination Program” was held last December 18, 2020. The director, Sir Erick John Marmol, gave a closing speech and the winners from the icebreaker games during the sessions, TikTok competition and Pa-Mask Ko competition were announced.

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