The Volleyball Note

Kyrus Pampanga ||

From the craving enthusiasts to the professionals, individuals from the volleyball scene recommence as they long for the sport amidst COVID-19. With the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) kicking off its league in a bubble, fans are vigorously pursuing to start the season in the Philippine SuperLiga (PSL) and Premier Volleyball League (PVL). 

But with the nation constantly procuring record-breaking cases daily, the question is, how important is it for the sport to resume its grounds? 

Acquiring praises all over the globe, it is with no doubt that the Philippine volleyball took up a notch. But despite the current situation, the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) should give approval to the Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas (LVPI) to hone the skills of the young competitors and to attain the yearned Filipino Pride. 

Peaking the interests of the new generation, volleyball has served yet another purpose during these times by helping individuals gain moral strength and mental stability, and as it reopens not only the fans would benefit but also the laborers in that industry. 

Having little body contact from the participants, playing volleyball reduces the chance of infecting Coronavirus compared to basketball, which has already begun its season. Even though it’s in the semi-pro level, Filipino athletes should be allowed to play as they may enhance and reach international-level with proper practice and dedication.

 With the still surging pandemic the country is challenged with, the volleyball industry continues to hope in attaining this rare opportunity that will help boost the value of the sport and assist people from the players, coaches, and fans.

 “Dahil sa long layoff, we could be seeing a lot of change in the sport. There may be some players now who may opt to retire or maybe pursue other interests, kaya nga we’re sending proposals to the IATF since April.”

Joey Ramasanta, LVPI president, stated in an interview.

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