Should Non-contact Sports be Tolerated in Lockdown?

Kirstin Malinao ||

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced us to stay at home. Governments have implemented community quarantine in the country and strictly carried out health protocols in public areas to help prevent further spread of the disease. With finding new hobbies high in demand, many often get leaded to sports. However, some sport activities violate some of the health protocols and are, therefore, not allowed. Then, how about non-contact sports?

Although the Inter-Agency Task Force allowed this, given that the minimum health standards are observed, people have different takes on whether non-contact sports should be prohibited or not. Their opinions were equally divided, pointing out its pros and cons. 

“…working out is also a part of taking care of our health. While some people have the privilege of working out just inside their homes, majority of Filipinos cannot due to the lack of space”

Ynno Salloman, a college student, argued.

“…the risk of infection lessens because of distancing as they’re called non-contact sports. As long as they follow proper precautions,”

Bryan Dela Cruz, a senior high school student, stated.

Many think that this type of sports should be allowed, reasoning out that with the current pandemic, we should strengthen our bodies and maintain physical, mental, and social well-being.

On the other hand, a lot also agree for it to be prohibited.

“I do think they should be prohibited because they allow for lax guidelines and loopholes for stubborn citizens to abuse,”

Reese Latonio, a senior high school student, answered when asked for their opinion.

Mai Flor, a bookstore supervisor, expressed her concern about the capacity of our hospitals to attend to more patients. She stated,

“…our hospitals are busy on COVID-19 and other health related or life-threatening issues, instead of focusing on these patients, they have to attend to sports related injuries.”

Alchris Ceballos, a high school student, said,

“The allowance must be dependent on various quarantine levels. For areas under lower levels of quarantine, non-contact sports may be permitted. Additionally, for urban and rural scenarios, different situation applies.”

These people stated that it depends on the current situation, and considered the present conditions of the areas concerned. Regardless, we all wish for the end of this pandemic and with the right leadership of the government and the cooperation of the people, we may quickly recover from this pandemic.

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