Project Alunig: Youth for Those in Need

Ricci Jilliane Faelnar ||

It all started with a ping of a new message:

“frend, baka gusto mo mag-organize ng fundraising eme”

Photo by: Jannah Nuevas

12th-grade student from Philippine Science High School- EVC Jannah Veron Nuevas had messaged Marifel Balbarona, seeking help in bringing an idea into life. The two eventually founded “Project Alunig”, a fundraising and donation initiative aiming to assist schools in Region 8 adapt to the new normal.

“A lot of people are suffering because of the new norm we are in. We started this drive to help the schools most impacted by the pandemic. They lack the supplies needed to cope with the changes in the learning modes. The teachers are using their own money to produce modules required by distance learning,” Balbarona told The Science Net.

Balbarona and Nuevas encouraged their batchmates to participate in the organization. With 21 core members committed to the cause, Project Alunig was set to action. 

Photo by: KC Loreto

The organization used social media as a platform to call for donations, rolling out activities that broadened their reach online. PanALUNIG Raffle, ambassador search, and PowerPoint service were a few of their initiatives that encouraged people to donate. 

The first phase of the project, which took off last September, raised P24,000 in donations. Project Alunig then successfully distributed bond paper, printer ink, face masks, and face shields to eleven schools in the region.

The second phase continues on today, generating funds in order to provide supplies to schools that badly need them. 

“No help is too small. We encourage you to donate at least P20 and share our cause with the next person. Your P20 when pooled together with the others, can make a huge difference,” Balbarona expressed. 

This youth-led organization stands as an inspiration for having the initiative and energy to better their community. These volunteers are tackling tough problems with their own ideas and solutions. They want you and the rest of the youth to get involved too. 

Don’t wait for a ping of a new message, go send it!

Photo by: Jezca Radaza

A Letter From the Editor

Dear reader, 

Please support Project Alunig and their cause. 

To donate, click here.
Follow their Twitter and Facebook pages for updates. 

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